“Dr. Murali has been my ophthalmologist for 10 years or more. She diagnosed and referred me to surgery for a detached retina. Yesterday was the last post-surgery visit.┬áDr. Murali is excellent. She is very good at what she does. She is very busy, but she is present and an extremely talented professional. Even though she didn't do the surgery herself, she has been very active and has given great advice and helped me through. Dr. Murali has helped me get rid of my double vision as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

“Dr. Murali is a very intelligent and very pleasant person. She explains things very thoroughly before the surgery. The whole clinic is a fantastic place both staff-wise and also in keeping up appointment.

“Dr. Murali is very personable. She cares about you as a person. Is very thorough and asks all kinds of good questions in a direct and understandable way; she does not use lots of medical jargon.”